Portfolio Companies


Livewire is a technology business that connects advertisers to gaming audiences in authentic ways, leading brands and advertising agencies to reach the gaming audience and enabling game developers to fully monetising their assets.

The gaming ecosystem is growing rapidly with over 3 billion users globally. Despite this, there is only a fraction of marketing investment spent within the gaming ecosystem, while traditional channels draw investment, without holding (or in some cases even reaching) the attention of digital generations.. With an increasing user base and engaged audience, brands are trying to determine which platforms, publishers, content, channels, and experiences provide the best opportunity. Livewire’s gaming marketing and technology platform solves for this. The company is positioned horizontally across the gaming marketing ecosystem, with operations in Australia, UK, Asia, and India.

The company has done an outstanding job executing on its strategy to date securing exclusive partnerships with some of the largest game developers in the world including Activision Blizzard Media, (inc Candy Crush), Roblox top 200 games and experiences and AudioMob. In many ways, this is an inventory grab for Livewire - as they win more exclusive gaming inventory, they attract more agencies and brands which in turn drives more revenue to game developers. This flywheel is proving to be incredibly powerful, and they already have some of the biggest brands as corporate customers including Uber Eats, TCL, Asahi Subsidiaries, Warner Music, ANZ Bank, Officeworks and gaming publishers. Livewire’s gaming marketplace business is already highly profitable, and revenue is growing more than 150% per annum.


Greener is on a mission to help end climate change with every dollar spent. Recognised as #1 cleantech Australian startup, Greener is joined by over 250 brands and people committed to making better choices for the planet, joining forces to create a new Green Economy.

Greener exist to help everyone get greener. Working with both sides of retail, Greener has created a first-to-market frictionless solution bringing together consumers and businesses in a new Green Economy, where every dollar spent is carbon-neutral.  

Greener makes it easy for consumers to reduce their impact every time they spend; we put sustainable brands in the palm of their hands and automatically offset the carbon emissions of their purchase at no extra cost, while educating them on how to continue reducing their emissions and make more sustainable choices.. For businesses, Greener for Business provides personalised pathways to become greener, and rewards businesses of all sizes for their sustainability efforts by connecting them with even more climate-conscious shoppers.

A certified B Corporation member, Greener is committed to making a positive impact for all stakeholders - customers, brands, the community, and the environment. A member of 1% for the Planet, at least 1% of global revenue is donated to environmental initiatives.


frntlne is an edutech company making it easy to train frontline retail, hospitality and pharmacy staff with engaging and memorable content, delivered by a world-first, science backed proprietary online learning platform.

Founded in 2021 by serial entrepreneur Mark John, frntlne combines an online micro-learning platform with its proprietary frntlne Interactive Learning Methodology (FILM), co-created with education expert Dr David Isaacson, to provide short training videos and interactive content to increase information retention and make learning fun. frntlne has seen early success securing a number of high-profile national and multinational retail and consumer clients including Coles, L’Oreal, P&G, Swisse, Mumm Champagne and Bondi Sands, which have all looked to frntlne’s unique short training videos and interactive content to help build product knowledge and confidence in the frontline staff responsible for selling their brands.

The business is backed by a consortium of strategic investors within the startup and education ecosystem and has established an impressive advisory board including professor Dr Mathew Knowles PhD, the architect behind the careers of his daughters Beyoncé and Solange, as well as supergroup Destiny's Child.


Dokotela is an Australian owned and operated company making specialist care more accessible by connecting patients across Australia with specialist Psychiatrists and mental health clinicians.

Mental health in Australia is a large and growing problem with 1 in 5 people experiencing a mental illness each year. Those from diverse or disadvantaged backgrounds find it particularly difficult to access high quality, timely care.

Dokotela’s solution to the problem was to build an online video conferencing platform to connect underserved patients in Australia to experienced psychiatrists. The telehealth model removes geographic barriers and allows appointments to be delivered promptly solving the issue of a lack of access to specialist clinical care, with 40 psychiatrists able to treat a broad spectrum of mental illness.

Dokotela focuses on delivering care to rural and regional areas, which tend to experience a higher occurrence of mental illness but have less access to specialist support.

Dokotela is also proudly funded by three primary health networks in New South Wales to provide psychiatry services to those who are experiencing severe and persistent mental illness but have financial barriers to accessing private psychiatrists.


Evidentli is an Australian AI company founded with the goal of reimagining healthcare data and enabling healthcare innovation.

We are a global leader in research and translational medicine automation offering self-service software to public and private healthcare providers, government, health insurers and others. We use multiple AIs to accelerate data transformations that normally take years of manual data-science effort. Our flagship product Piano, is a unique fully integrated research platform, for cleaning, aggregating, standardising and analysing real world healthcare data.
We enable customers to draw insights from their own data with the goal of improving medical outcomes by increasing the quality of medical services, reducing preventable errors and forming communities with shared clinical interests.