Hear it from those we’ve worked with

Kerry McCabe

Founder/CEO , AthletesVoice & The Roar Seed and Series A Investment

“Matt became an invaluable advisor, mentor and coach to me and my leadership team at AthletesVoice and The Roar. Matt’s intellect, experience, empathy and network directly impacted our success and importantly helped to avert multiple disasters.”

Janey Martino

CEO/Founder Shout for Good (exited to ANZ Bank) and CEO Undertow Media (exited to Bastion), CEO Unlockd, Seed Investor

“I have known and worked with Matt as an investor, advisor, colleague and co-investor over many years and within each role he played he consistently demonstrated his exceptional intellect, strong leadership, wise counsel and ability to select great Founders and businesses to back. Most importantly, he carefully balances commercial success with the human side of business, ensuring strong return to investors, founders, the team.”

Tommy Stadlen

Polaroid (Sold to Microsoft)

“Matt is the most loyal investor I’ve ever had, which makes him the best investor I’ve ever had. Many VCs talk the talk. Matt walks the walk. At Giant Ventures we would always aim to make space for Matt’s new fund in any round because we know the value he brings to companies. “

Omer Molad

Founder/CEO, Vervoe Series A Investment

“Obviously the best investors help where they can without interfering too much, and both those things apply to Matt. Matt doesn’t make us feel judged, and it feels like he’s sitting next to us rather than looking down on us. Maybe it’s because he has been in our shoes, but there are plenty of VCs who used to be founders and don’t exhibit that quality. If we’re ever in a position to start something from scratch again, Matt would be one of our first calls. “

Pete Matthews

CEO and Founder Realtair

“Paul and Martin have been instrumental in the Realtair journey – they are more than investors; I consider them foremost as friends and colleagues – and their advice has been on-point and critical to our current success.”

David Thompson

Co-Founder of Hometime

“We greatly value Martin and Paul as mentors, guides and strategists – they are always there in good times and in bad. They are family to Hometime”

Paul Shmukler

CEO Navigator

“I sought to engage Paul and the Asia Principal Capital team to Navigator because I have seen first-hand the deep value add they bring in other companies . As a founder, I deeply value a relationship that challenges and supports me. They are a vital part of our team.”

Ashley Farrugia

Founder/CEO ActivePipe Group

“Martin and Paul have lived and breathed our business from the first day of our partnership, guiding, steering, and nurturing us to be on the exciting global growth path we are on. I would recommend them to any founders, and often do.”